Water conservation has become a vital part of new and retrofit applications, including hardware and plants that do more with less. But ‘drought-tolerant’ design doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice color and vibrance. Our expertise includes low-flow and metered watering systems, as well as time-saving, low-maintenance, and naturally drought-resistant scapes.

Water conservation is one of our top specialties. Versatile systems and planting options are available to help conserve water, prevent erosion, and nurture the environment with fewer resources.

A large variety of beautiful plants native to the northern California region thrive with fewer water requirements. Creative designs centered on drought-tolerant and native plants combined with attractive mulch or ground coverings also require less maintenance.

Many communities and counties offer rebate programs to help replace heavy water-reliant lawns with natural landscaping materials such as bark, succulents, rockscapes, and native or drought-resistant plants.